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We Demand News 24/7

With the introduction on various media platforms its allows one to gain access to breaking news in various. Long gone are the days of Brian Henderson‘s face on our TV’s on National Nine News at 6pm. As as 90’s child I remember gathering around the TV, just excited to be in front of the glorious box of flashing images with the sound of my father commenting on John Howard’s latest political move. How the times have changed, it is now once in a blue moon for more than one family member in my household would be in front of the TV at 6pm watching the nightly news. The demand is no longer there, why crowd around the TV to listen to news you’ve already been updated on all day when you can look on Facebook and browse various articles, scroll through on Twitter and Instagram or go browse news sites through out the day.

Image taken from 2GB.com.au
Brian Henderson – National Nine News. Image taken from 2GB.com.au

Digital media has opened up the flood gate to the 24 hour news cycle, it allows one to be updated constantly on the #411. James Webster and Thomas Ksiazek’s reading ‘The Dynamics of Audience Fragmentation’ introduces the idea of “on-demand” patterns of consumption through the overlapping of media consumption. I understand this article to touch on how we gain our news from various different platforms now compared to 10 years ago when the nightly news and print media was king.

We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to being updated on the news from around the world, from updates on the Nepal Earthquake to the nervous wait of Princess Kate’s over due royal baby. Social media platforms allow us to engage in various sites to gain access to trending stories. Facebook, Twitter, News Websites and Apps and even Instagram are the new gate way to keeping updated on whats going on in the world.

Screenshot of Breaking News site on Twitter
Screenshot of Breaking News site on Twitter
Screenshot from Seven News Facebook
Screenshot from Seven News Facebook
Screenshot from Kyle and Jackie O's Instagram
Screenshot from Kyle and Jackie O’s Instagram

The Idea that changed it all

We can frankly say that the introduction of the internet into our lives has completely change how we interact, communicate, learn, shop and research amongst many other things. The idea of the internet was seen as early as the 1950’s and began to gain traction in the 1960’s through the United States government. The 1980’s is where the internet really started take off with the introduction of the World Wide Web.

This invention has completely change how we as humans run our lives. We rely on a system of internet servers to satisfy our thirst and addiction to social media, online gaming, online gambling and even simple daily tasks such as grocery shopping and paying bills.

Upon researching for this weeks topic I stumbled across an article in The New York Times called ‘Embracing the Power of the Internet’ The poses the question of how we use the internet, the example of the traditional news platform of the newspaper is used. Cowell points out the flaws that follow the internet and its ability of ‘free expression’ it opens one self up to abuse due to its eligibility. The internet allows everyone to have an opinion, some of which do more harm than good. From this article I  gained the perspective that the internet should be used more than just a space to put your opinion but rather to create communication and free flow of ideas. I pose the question, are we really ’embracing the power of the internet now’?

Image taken from facoo,com
Image taken from facoo.com