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Smart and Lazy?

New technology has exploded onto the market and consumers are loving every inch of it. As a tech savvy society we follow the new and upcoming trends an example of this is the constant following of the new Apple iPhone. A following that dominates the smart phone market. We are constantly looking for new technology that can make our lives easier while encapsulating our need for something new and exciting.

Screen shot from http://www.digitaltrends.com/wearables/best-smart-rings/
Screen shot from http://www.digitaltrends.com/wearables/best-smart-rings/

But i question how useful this new technology is, are we just replacing our bodily actions such as dealing a number or pressing a button with a machine to do it for us? Is there a point where technology will replace human action? A example of how we a leaning to this direction is the introduction of the Smart Ring. A ring that you wear on your finger that controls your phone, the smart ring empowers wearers to control the technology that surrounds them such as their smart phones and home appliances. The ring allows you to gesture your finger in the air and do things such as take photos and change your music, the smart ring connects through bluetooth. I question if we really need this technology, a ring to control our smart phone device which we could control with our finger already. I see the value of the technology but I wonder about the level we are willing to go to, to replace human action with technology.

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Is replacing human action such as touching a screen with a form of technology the way of the future? Although I can appreciate the technology I don’t see the need for it, why create a technology to do something for you that would be just as easy for you to do it yourself. Are we really making our lives ‘easier’ with new technology or are we replacing normal actions by getting a device to do it for us?