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Effective or Insensitive Data Journalism

Data journalism is a form of journalism that is created from forms of data to form the story of the article. Data journalism has numerous possibilities through its ability to combine the traditional need for news while having the ability to tell a compelling story through the use of sheer range and scale of digital information. Although data journalism is not a new practice but through the new found access we have through the power of the internet data journalism has transformed into a information pool of secrets. A topic that has caused controversy within the data journalism realm due to its sensitive nature.

1. Newtown Connecticut shooting, 2012

The data journalism reports that followed the shooting started an urgency of discussion about the multi facets of gun laws and violence in the U.S. The data journalism that followed this event through the use of infographics, charts and tables as well as historical timelines and status of gun control policy. Although the reports helped outline the severe problems the U.S has with gun laws. The reports came into cross-fire due to their circulation on social media and the reporting style was found offensive by some and become desensitised when addressing such a controversial topic.

Screenshot from Washingtonpost.com of data journalism article on school shootings in the US
Screenshot from Washingtonpost.com of data journalism article on school shootings in the US

2. Data Journalism has been used to track the amount of deaths that have occured in Chicago from 2007 to the present. When in engaging in data journalism that involve the use of figures we can sometimes forget that these statistics are formed by the lose of lives. Although they can be effective they also have the potential to offend those that find the statistics impersonal due to its sensitive nature.

Screenshot from http://www.newrepublic.com/article/118003/maps-crime-chicago-crime-different-neighborhoods
Screenshot from http://www.newrepublic.com/article/118003/maps-crime-chicago-crime-different-neighborhoods